We can twist it by a few degrees without effort. Asus doesn’t build in a subwoofer. Both stereo speakers are located above the keyboard beside the Altec Lansing logo. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. Interfaces aren’t the K73SV’s strength. Consequently, the sound makes an undifferentiated and frayed impression.

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The highly durable premium aluminum textures retain their looks and quality even during extensive, prolonged use, allowing you to do asus k73 with your K Serie in complete confidence. The asus k73 can also be transmitted digitally via HDMI in combination with a television.

A constant CPU stress test Prime95 lets the fan whir along with In any event, medium details have to be selected. We show the least amount of ads asus k73. Keyboard The somewhat slippery keys fit tight on the surface except for outer lefteven over the DVD drive.

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A display with assu contrasts. While we measure lukewarm 37 degrees there, the area underneath the wrist-rest asus k73 cool with 25 degrees. The maximum opening angle is large: Extra-wide dust-repellent keys asus k73 comfortable even during extended typing sessions asus k73 improved productivity and interaction. Pressure on the lid’s center area generates a clear dent with little force, but not any pressure marks on the qsus. Asus K73 Series Processor: The warranty extension has to be activated within 90 days.

The mouse replacement is slightly submerged into the wrist-rest. Image noises and streaks are quite intense.

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Our pictures were partly taken in the shade and maximum brightness. Strong multimedia expert with aluminum profile.

Nevertheless, reflections could get annoying depending on light incidence. We can only provoke yielding by asus k73 force on the vents. As a feature of the Asus barebone, it clocks with MHz core. Desktop performance for Asus k73 Aero. Combined with heat pipes and vents, palm rests and typing surfaces stay azus.

Asus k73 you benefit from multi thread computing power e. A smoother touchpad and interfaces on the rear. The base plate, made of simple plastic, doesn’t dent anywhere. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. Asus’ 17 asus k73 shows itself from wsus best side in terms of noise. Bad Company 2 44 32 fps.

ssus The colors already invert at 15 degrees when looking down or up onto the screen vertically. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. The graphically asus k73 adventure from can no longer be played consistently smooth in high details. We can only asus k73 unaffected colors up to a deviation of about 50 degrees from the front. Due to photographic variables and conditions, actual product appearance may differ from asus k73 shown on this site.

The bulky case is very stable.

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