USB-interface for connection to a PC to read out the last race and training flights. Partners worldwide Company News Contact Imprint. How do I see whether the external radio clock or the internal CAN clock is being used for the synchronisation at the pigeon loft? Therefore all required security Freeing is not possible, but resetting is, if the wrong pigeon has been basketed! The start times for every flight can be entered in order to display the current flight speed of each pigeon.

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USB for bit machines Version: Furthermore, if the CAN clock is being used, it is asked as to whether this really is the correct time! Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Connection: The software will not change any information of the lists.

For older versions, the unit must be brought to the dealer, who in turn is the only one that is able to reconfigure henzing unit. The data can simply be transferred to MS Excel. Firmware can be downloaded directly from the Internet site.

Does the CAN time have any influence on the basketing activities, or are there any problems if the CAN time and the time of the radio clock are not identical? Benznig XP, Vista,7 and 8. Download 32bit K 64bit K.

Not all of the races or training flights have been completed. USB-interface for connection to a PC to read out the last race and training flights.

The software benizng not change any information of the lists. Can problems occur if the pigeon fancier first enters his or her name and then the machine writes over the data from the flying unit? Not all races or trainings have been completed. During training, not all of the pigeons were clocked.

It is not possible to change anything anymore regarding those pigeons! Is there any blocking that may prevent uploading the data to the unit from the PC, as soon as a race 1m on?

Can a new race be started with the M1 if no list of results has been printed for the previous race?


Not all of the races or trainings have been completed. The reading and writing of data is possible. Download Club Manager Belgium K. Benzihg electronic system used is setting standards for the future and has 10 times the computing power of comparable competitor products.

This maximises the excitement when the speed approaches the expected value. Of course, pigeons participating in a race or training are blocked. And if you want to, you can name the pigeons from your favourite chair or li-lo without electric cables.

Benzing Electronic Timing Clocks for Racing Pigeons

This battery should be substituded after a specified time of operation in order bejzing ensure the correct time. Therefore all required security Improved recognition of all connected antennae with a rapid turbo start benzint the number of antennae doesn’t change. Pigeons are entered in another race that has not yet been completed.

A manual is available at the start up of the program. All flight results can be called up simply and quickly at any time. Depending on the number of pigeons, you can normally recall all training and racing flights of a season. Finally, begin the download. You can then print it out with any printer connected to the PC.

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