He failed in qualifying attempts at Indy in and I worked 5 days a week in the barbershop and raced 5 nights a week. I know people that think that is crazy, but that is just the way we do it. You may not like to hear this, but you are a living legend. They kind of made the deal where if Snider got in the show at Indy the first week of qualifying, they would give me a chance to take my rookie test the second week. I think the main thing right now is he just needs to settle down a little bit. There are just not a lot of guys besides them getting any kind of a reputation anywhere else.

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The way they present it and do the ceremonies, it makes you feel like people really recognize what you have done over the years.

Midwest Racing Archives: – Bubby Jones wins Mile Dirt Car Race at Du Quoin

I quit running around the country and went to USAC running sprint cars and stuff. Opperman got hurt and they asked me to drive the sprint car for Longhorn Racing. That is when I first met Sammy. I am not saying wing racing is easier.

Like when I moved to California from back East, I had a fan club back there that was fairly decent sized. Much of this interview Jones carefully thought about the question before answering, but not when it came to Eldora. Now 58 years-old, the man who gave up motorcycle racing to race sprint bubny and one day the Indianapolis had a lot to say.

Point Standings three years in a row —82 sorint Dean Thompson, Jones persuaded car owner Dan Kazarian to change from the Stanton Chassis they had been running, and to let Jones build them a new car himself. Did you like midgets?

He does not say a lot. I never could get it back up to speed. I thought it was just going to be a weekend warrior deal. It jonws harder to get places. Was that with a wing or in the early days when they came out here and ran without wings?

Bubby Jones – Wikipedia

You ran with the World of Outlaws a little bit. Think about this one for a second. It is probably hard on Tony because he is my son. They screwed the officials me, too.

Wing racing is probably harder because the miles per hour are a lot greater. How do you view sprint car racing today? It was time to quit. Yeah, I am happy out here.

1980 S Bubby Jones Sprint Car Racing 8 X 10 Photo Ascot Park Dirt Track

You got behind the wheel of a midget on more than one occasion and did pretty well including a win in the Turkey Night Grand Prix. It was a neat deal. That is a hotbed of car racing, so once you started, you had a lot of options. Now they have lost Tony Stewart.

The local Triumph dealer, he kind sprknt took a liking to me and I got anything I wanted.

Bubby Jones

He Ted Johnson would s;rint there and he was trying to get races for all the good guys to show up at the same place. Went to a driving school out here at Riverside very close to Perris Auto Speedway. Views Read Edit View history.

When did you make the switch to racing cars? They were just fans of yours more than racing? Jonrs that playful smile is creasing his lips or he is serious, pay attention because Jones is a wealth of racing wisdom. I had already retired a couple of years before that.

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