Sign up using Email and Password. If you have previously connected, the command is Reconnect to Sybase. Net4 object, but at the moment the. Net2 object, that error went away. QuotedIdentifier To avoid conflicts in procedures and queries that contain reserved words, you should use the QuotedIdentifier option.

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See Opening the Connect window Sybase Central. For example, run the following command to start the sample database:. This option is useful if you have an ODBC data source and you want to specify additional or different parameters when you connect.

It can break compatibility with some third-party tools. Connfctionstring was able to get the ODBC version working on a prior version of the drivers This one works only from Open Client That said, when building a.

Sign up using Email and Password. More info and wrapper class library downloads Set example values.

The default port number is RegionalDateTimeSettings Enables using local regional settings when converting dates and times to string. Sign up using Facebook. Results The administration tool connects to the database. Context and remarks If a connection string and an ODBC data source both specify the same connection parameter, the value from the connection string is used and the value from the data source is ignored. To access this dialog box, on the File menu, select Connect to Sybase.

In the User ID field, type a user name.

Connecting using a data source with a connection string (Sybase Central or Interactive SQL)

Option Description Server Serves to supply the server name for login. If the server isn’t aliased, you have to use the ip address and port number in the connection string, not ideal as these may change occassionally. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you connectionstrng that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Default – the driver defines the string types.

ODBC Driver for SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

This is an advanced mode option. The option value should be changed if any third-party tool supports only Ansi string types or Unicode ones. More info and driver downloads Set example values. What I am getting is sybase Oledb provider. IDS Data Source files. To avoid conflicts in procedures and queries that contain reserved words, you should use the QuotedIdentifier option. Unfortunately the overall quality of Sybase drivers appears to cpnnectionstring low. Stack Connwctionstring works best with JavaScript enabled.

When the engine starts the database specified by DatabaseFile, the engine will use the supplied DatabaseSwitches as command line options to determine startup options for the database. Your computer may be running software that has an embedded SQL Anywhere server, in which case there could be multiple servers running without you realizing it.

Email Required, but never shown. Mode Asr either standard or advanced connection mode.

Connection parameters for various providers are as follows: To retrieve metadata, not all parameters according to MSDN can accept a null value. The names of the parameters vary with the provider being used. Sybase does have them available, although they appear to be somewhat difficult to come by.