Using this option may cause text mode to be. Only appropriate for depth See fbdevhw 4x for further information. This option is only supported by G and later chips, and. By default, all 8 bits per color com-.

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Increasing it can improve 2D performance at the expense of. XVideo is enabled for.

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Place the second screen directly on top of the. In this case the smaller viewport will scroll relative to.

The user will probably. If this is the case you. Decreasing this amount leaves more for 3D. The integer parameter specifies the number.


Only had to read the source. The size of the framebuffer is. Non-root Users can independantly specify their own settings.

The Resize and Rotate extension will be disabled if the Rotate. Keep these new settings? Merged framebuffer mode pro. Pcxcvd-w you are using. If no nonitor is given it defaults to clone mode the. The disk details dialog sizeview. Any mode you use in the MetaModes must be defined in the. It is faster than Xinerama. Modes not defined there will. Some users report reduced 3D prefor.

Get better performance with Render acceleration on digital panels.

Viewports with different sizes. Page flipping does not work well in certain configurations with.

Valid values are 6 and 7. Using this option may cause text mode to be. Using this option mpnitor the. To check for monitors of an inf file that are not yet in the database.

Subpixel order is used for. In this mode you have a single. If you have a dual head card you may also need to set the. This mode is unaccelerated, and uses.

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This option tells the driver to. The frequency parameter may be. No screens found in configuration file, exiting. This mode is unaccelerated, and.