Thank you PS – My hardware is: Below is information on the old afacli tool Dell also provides some admin tools in binary form. There is also a megasasctl tool to get RAID status available from the megactl package on Sourceforge. The ‘sg’ module must be loaded for it to work, the cli program segfaults without it. Some linux tools are available on a CD included with the controller. Tom at We assemble and deliver in Europe within 24 hours.

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Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. September 5th, 3.

LinuxRaidForAdmins – Debian Wiki

Status 3wxre status easily available? I’ve no reason to think that the 3Ware firmware update will be tricky at all, I’ve done hundreds of device firmware updates of various sorts this way and I can’t recall any that have failed. Minimum status information is OK or degraded i. I am at a loss as to how to proceed in troubleshooting this.

3Ware Eskalad series

The following wiki articles will supply additional information regarding the operation of Adaptec RAID controllers:. I know that on server edition it’s allowed. Results 1 to 8 of 8. The jpgrade and easiest method is to download the latest driver source code and compile it against an existing kernel. Archttp is statically linked so it will run in virtually all circumstances.

Kind regards, Jeffrey Langerak. Why exactly do you believe the Java version is somehow better then then DOS version?

Information regarding rebuilding units connected to 3ware RAID controllers can be found in the following article:. Sign up using Email and Password. Given the above recommendation The latest 3ware driver source code can be downloaded here: Command Line Interface User’s Guide. Email Required, but never shown. RAID status can be obtained via the mpt-status tool. w3are

Linux and Hardware RAID: an administrator’s summary

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If the name changes between kernel versions, remember to include information in the detailed information section. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

Thank you PS – My hardware is: Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. The best way to do this is to install the Java management utility for the 3Ware card. Download all attachments as: Tested with Linux 3.

The documentation for the command line lunux can also be found on the home page of the Areca support site:. This utility along with other crap can be downloaded here: You can use FreeDOS to boot and flash the firmware from an usb stick.

You dont need to do it upgrqde a bootable disk, and IMHO you shouldn’t. The tool can be downloaded from the Avago website or hwraid.

When upgrading the controller firmware, upgrade the driver revision if necessary. At the end of aacraid section is the old information on tools available on Dell website, which may be 3wrae for older distributions and controllers. Depending on the controller model, the driver is either 3w-xxxx for and X series or 3w-9xxx for and series.