Apple is very good, but not quite the best. Best way to tell: I have a suggestion for an article topic.. It’s up to the device how much it actually uses, but it needs to stay below the maximum. The large degree of ripple is visible in the waveform yellow, left and the very large spikes in the spectrum orange, right. I want to buy one of the dual 2A units, but I’ll wait if you are going to review them. Thank you, Mike Brooke.

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I have had to deal with people who had their phone damaged from using aftermarket chargers. I put a multimeter in the output circuit to get a simple current measurement.

This article was extremely informative, foxlikn a lot of it was over my head. This is a really interesting article, and might cause me to reconsider a purchase I was investigating.

Some must be safer than others. The manufacturers of the chargers can be looked up from the UL certification number.

This is a great review, I’ll be picking up another touchpad charger. Does it really use 0 vampire power when not plugged into the phone? Are ANY of those ok, or should I abandon the idea? What is used as a load?

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Anyone checked this http: The regulation is good but not perfect, as shown by the width of the yellow line. Motorola The Motorola charger shows a bit of voltage sag, but good current stability.

When not under load, ours gives off a high-pitched like 10khz whine that drives us crazy. Can I translate your writing [http: Voltage spikes will appear as vertical spikes in the yellow line. However, you cannot call “counterfeit mtorola the ones you tested because none of them has fake “Apple” or “Samsung” or the likes printed in them.

One interesting design feature is the filter capacitors fit through the cut-out holes in the secondary circuit board, allowing the large filter capacitors to fit in the charger. Manufacturers use a variety of proprietary signals between the charger and the device to indicate how much current the charger can provide. Which is below the sag voltage you measured before the current limit was hit. The right images show the low-frequency information on the output voltage.

Hi, thanks for the analysis. Thank you again for your feedback, it improves our fox,ink for All of You. The transistor needed a large heat sink to dissipate 10 watts.

Holograms are old news; you can buy stacks and stacks of “authentication holograms” in shenzhen. Samsung oblong For this charger, the voltage is approximately flat, except for a bump under no load upper left which is probably a measurement artifact.

For Energy Star ratings, a 5W charger must have under. It’s hard to fit a voltage-current curve to this picture. I guess the rule is use cabls precautions and common sense when dealing with anything that’s plugged into the VAC wall socket. There shouldn’t be a safety issue with overloading it; even cheap chargers are designed to limit current and then shut down under overload.

How do the stats from motorolz company look? My computer has been working quite well for a year or so now, but now I see there was a lot of luck involved since I had no clue there was such a wide range of quality!

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If plugged in for a year, this would cost you about 21 cents in electricity, so it’s probably not moforola worrying about. I analyze it for voltage spikes, high frequency noise, and line-frequency ripple. The table below shows the type of charger, the current that the label claims the motorolaa provides, the current it actually provides, and the charger type it indicates to the device.

Best way to tell: On the positive side, there is hardly any ripple.