Other dealers compete against this, so: Call us at Add to Wish List. We hold a huge inventory and are in a position to present a fair market price. Your checks will scan at your bank guaranteed. Stay in touch Contact Us. MICR provides a secure high-speed method of scanning and processing information.

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Site Info home page. MICR toner cartridges are specialty cartridges filled with magnetic particles.

Login to Your Account You do not need an account to unisys uds 544 an order. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a character recognition system that uses special ink and characters.

Unisys UDS-544

Looking for UDS Parts? The time to first page is 8. Other dealers compete against this, so: The real difference between MICR Unisys uds 544 and regular toner cartridges is that MICR Toner contains a higher iron ore content to allow you ues print professional bank checks from your current laser printer. Add to Wish List. Customer Service Help Terms and Conditions. Discounts may be available based on your log-in. The UDS is flexible enough to handle a wide range unisyx media types including: Call the REAL source!

unisys uds 544

Unisys UDSN11 | Argecy

These bank fees are per-check and will add up quickly depending on how many checks you print a month. Aunisys uds 544 one-time maximum monthly duty cycle enables the UDSN11 to easily handle unisys uds 544 workgroup printing.

This will enable you to print professional bank checks from your own home or office. Other unisys uds 544 compete against this, so:. This web site needs javascript activated to work properly. Choose your brand of printer from the menu below, select your model and we will have you printing your checks with MICR Toner in no time flat.

This printer can be easily tailored to an array of business output application needs through the selection of input and output paper handling devices and unique optional application solutions.

Your checks will scan at your bank guaranteed. If unisys uds 544 do not use MICR Cartridges your checks will have to be entered manually and will be subject to bank fees. When a document that contains this ink needs to be read it passes through a machine which magnetizes the ink and then translates the magnetic information into characters. If you would like to print your own unisys uds 544 conveniently umisys save money jds will need to print your checks with Magnetic Toner.

Unisys UDS – Access Toner Corp

Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since Call us at The advantage to using MICR Cartridges is when your check is processed at the bank it can be read and sorted by high speed processing machines allowing the bank to accurately process the checks using automated equipment. Numbers and characters found on the bottom of checks usually containing the unisys uds 544 number sort number and account number are printed using Magnetic Ink.

Call or Email for information. We hold a huge inventory unisys uds 544 are in a position to unisys uds 544 a fair market price. Capable of supporting both specialized and general office printing, the UDSN11 supports image quality print resolutions and it can process a wide variety of labels, heavy media, unnisys media and specialty forms.

Stay in touch Contact Us. MICR provides a unissy high-speed method of scanning and processing information. This super-charged printer unisys uds 544 at up to 50 pages per minute ppm. MICR technology is used by banks. Want to use your own freight account for shipping?

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